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Isidore Goodfellow

Isidore Goodfellow

Welcome. My name is Isidore Goodfellow.

This website exists and lives because I had a dream to grow big despite my somber origins in the middle of nowhere.

As a child, I would wake up to a dark night in a remote village of Africa, contemplate the sky with its countless stars and say to myself “When I grow up, I will go up there and touch one of them.” Most often, I would go back to sleep and start flying in my dreams. It felt so good.

Now that I grew up, “reality” kicked in and I gave up those dreams. I store up in my subconscious mind people’s influence, and all of it. As a result, sweet dreams  did not visit me anymore for many years. I entered the race in a vicious cycle. I became a prisoner of my miserable past. I waited for the best life to come in the future and forgot living in the present.

In the modern world, I would say I was busy. Doesn’t this sound strange? Let me tell you a story. I went to visit a family one day and as I was sitting in the living room, their young daughter came to sit closer to me and show me her pictures. We looked at them and when I was about to leave, I asked her:” Veronica, when are you coming to visit me?” She replied that she was very busy. I asked again:” You are busy doing what?” She replied:” I don’t know!” That answer never left my mind and never will do. Like Veronica, I kept absorbing outside influences and never questioned their veracity. Yes, I had joined millions on the treadmill without my will.

Then, when I came to discover the Law of Attraction, a strange force came to me saying: Isidore, get back to your dreams. You have not missed your opportunity. Those hidden dreams are the beginning of all discoveries and accomplishments…”

It is clear  to me today that I was in a kind of trap. I truly believe I can still free myself and fly again.  I have faith that I can achieve the life of my dreams because I really want to. I also know what it takes and I am ready to do it. I want to share this exciting journey with all the people of this planet and beyond. They too, have the winning DNA.

You may have heard people saying: “I can’t” or “You can’t” or” If only I could…” and so on. I am not the believer of any of those statements.

“I was blind, but now I can see”

You and I are not so different and this ‘About’ page is perhaps more about you than it is about me. This page is not really about the team behind “Make light your burden”, but rather about this life we have received and the amazing journey and path we can choose to take together. We are lucky we have a simple choice to make, like going  right or left.

It is never too late to turn around your life, to dream big and accomplish big. All you need to do is open your eyes now. Be aware. Do not be afraid. Believe, cultivate your childhood burning desire, obsession, passion, ambition to reach the stars. You can still do it today if you want to. Now is eternal and eternity is the absence of time.

Always look at your failures as opportunities and turn them into successes. You haven’t failed until you surrender and surrender is not an option. You too have passed through some successes and may be you did not celebrate because you took them for granted. Success is not a state or a destination but a journey as well.

This website was created to support YOU Unleash Your Power!

I will show you that if I can do it, you too can. Do not pay attention to any external force that may discourage you wherever it may come from. Just think about a specific thing that you want and ask for it. Communicate with the Infinite Intelligence, the Creator of the Universe. Learn to speak the language He can understand. He alone has everything to offer to the entire Humanity.

There is no shortage of anything in the Universe. The way everyone has enough air to breathe, the Universe’s supply is infinite. We will hold your hand and introduce you to the leaders in the diverse fields of Human Potential. We will as a family, share experiences, success stories and much more for our physical, emotional, intellectual, mental complete satisfaction.

“Make Light Your Burden” is a home without boundaries. This is a resting place for all the people who are tired, exhausted and are seeking comfort and consolation. It is a family of women and men who refuse to be fed with junk food but choose the right food for their body and spirit altogether.

This website depicts my personal journey from the remote village of Africa where a person’s value is more often neglected to a North American life where every living creature has its fair value. As an example, recently, a Canadian Goose was injured by an arrow and taken to an Animal Hospital. She recovered completely, thanks to the caring men and women of this land. What an amazing respect for life!

Let’s manifest this same caring heart in the world by lifting people from dependency to independence to inter-dependence. Brothers and Sisters, think about how you would like to be remembered once you are no longer in this world. Think about family members, friends and acquaintances who did not have a chance to fulfil their mission and fulfil it on their behalf.

Discover the gold hidden deep inside you and dig it up for your good and for the good of Humanity. Meet the Ultimate You today and be grateful every day for what you have and more importantly be grateful that you are and you are you.

Make Light Your Burden is the final destination for your quest for answers. It draws its inspiration from my entire life and career, everything I have experienced with my six senses and any inspiration that came my way. All those experiences taught me to love and serve all humanity starting from You.

This is it.

“If we are related, we shall meet.”