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How To Keep A Couple’s Relationship Alive

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Trouble in paradise

Remember that day when you saw him the first time. He was your angel sent from above. He was the most handsome man of all creatures on earth. He was the best among the men you have ever seen. His smile enlightened your face and vice versa. You had trouble finding words to express your feelings.

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He was the poet,  the greatest singer of all times. He might have been raised in your city or in a neighboring province or even another country or a continent very far away. The truth is, the world has become like a village and if you travel a lot, you certainly understand what I mean.

The fact is, when you saw him the first time, your heart started pumping. You wanted to be with him every second and for ever. You kept your eyes on him or you watched him while he wasn’t watching. You wanted him to swallow you or just swallow him to make sure you belong to each other only. You dreamed of creating one body and one spirit was alive and a burning desire had brought you together under the same roof. You gave him your possessions and all the secrets from the depth of your heart. You even gave up your soul. I mean, you promised to spend with him your entire life and added the whole world as if it was yours.

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Today you have him. Your dreams came true. Days have passed and years have passed. Children came or did not come yet. You have had a chance to discover each other’s personality. You have share good times and bad, laughter and sorrow. You never noticed anyone around and you did not see the course of time.

Today, everything has changed in the name of money and more of it. You are going to work from Monday to Friday. You don’t have time for hIM anymore and he doesn’t have time for you either. You don’t have time for your children. You leave your dog locked in the house the whole day. You come home late in the evening ,very tired, very stressed out and you can’t even say “hi” to anyone in the house.

The reality kicked in and you are no longer excited about your commitment and your family life. You start wondering why you did what you did and wish you could rewind the tape and start over again.

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When you come home from work, you are tired and he is tired too because he too, has been working. You don’t smile any more. You don’t say Hi when you open the door. You are upset, depressed, you are arguing, yelling and full of negativity. You are breaking your own stuff. Your financial situation has not made you a better couple. The more you make, the more you spend and the problem persists. Your family is on the verge of collapse…

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The following three tips are a worth try to saving your  marriage.


Love is the greatest of all emotions. It is also the greatest and the cheapest gift we can give to one another and to the entire Humanity. If you truly loved this man, if it wasn’t for his money, if he truly loved you, not for your body, then go back to those days of honeymoon, share what was uniting you. Go through those pictures you took together and remind yourselves that those days are still here and now to enjoy again.

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There was something spiritual that united both of you and will never die even if you had to be separated. Bank on that force to strengthen your relationships. Whatever that force was, it wasn’t based on what you received. If it was indeed a strong force, it was certainly based on what you gave and continue to give every day. That connection is there waiting for you to welcome it back in your lives.

Financial Needs

Money is not the first reason of discord between husband and wife but it is among the main reasons of family separation. If he refuses to pay the bills, go ahead and pay them. Do not let money or your financial situation ruin your family. Husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, partners have different levels of financial education.

Whoever feels that he/she understands finances better should take on the responsibilities. If you take the job of a family accountant, you need to be transparent. You need to explain what you are doing and why. But remember also that each person has his/her own priorities or what he/she calls priorities.

You may need to seek the expert advice as well if you can’t agree on priorities. The most important is to understand that, while you want to achieve your goal walking in a certain path, your partner may be agreeing with the same purpose but choosing a different path. Negotiate the common ground for collaboration and move forward.

And if you are a man, you probably understand that the woman is the inspiration for your greatest achievements in life. She can also be the reason for your complete failure if you don’t do the right things.


Sometimes, sex can be a reason for people to separate. One may think the other is having an affair because he/she is not ready for sex. The sex drive may differ from one person to another. Maybe he/she doesn’t like it. Or maybe he/she is not in the mood, there is a medical condition, a bad memory like past sexual abuse etc.

Here, communication is very important. For example, when you opened that door and found her washing plates in the kitchen, did you say Hi? Did you say “how was your day? Did you smile? If you did not do that, then do it the next time you open that door. This is also true for you, woman!

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I don’t say you must play the actor like in a movie, I just say you should try this habit because it works. Thank her for those small jobs she has done in the house. She may have cooked for you, washed those plates you hate to wash, cleaned the floor, washed your clothes etc. You know my friend; you may think that you can live without her. Let me tell you: you can’t live without her.

If you have done something wrong and you notice that she is upset, apologize quickly. If she has put on a nice dress, compliment her. Tell her that you like her dress, her hair, her smile. It is true the dress is nice but you don’t have the courage to say that. But I am sure that you say that to other women like I do.

Do the same to your wife. It doesn’t cost you a dime. Avoid any type of argument with her. You should avoid arguing with anybody. Respect people’s opinions and keep yours for yourself. No one will force you to marry his/her opinions in a democratic country. But always make sure you are giving value to that lady or to that man. If you fail to do that, she/he will be tempted to find that value from somewhere else. If you keep your partner happy, she/he will feel attracted to you and feel ready to give what you want.


Find time for your partner. Take her to the movie if she likes it. Find out about her activities and hobbies. Take her to the restaurant, to a coffee shop etc. Choose carefully the subject of your conversation. Do not remind her the mistakes of the past. If she is interested in talking to another man, do not be jealous. Keep it cool and keep your trust in her.

Do not forget her birthday. Get that cake and those flowers ready. On her birthday, be creative, find a way to surprise her. Use her best friends for brainstorming.  If you think she will suspect your preparations based on the purchases you brought home, arrange to keep some stuff at the friend’s house until the D day.

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One last thing, give your partner some space to meet with his/her own friends, explore her/his own hobbies that may be of no interest to you. The feelings you had when you met the first time are still there for both of you to conquer and live again. Remember, your marriage shouldn’t seem like a prison cell. Freedom is invaluable.

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