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People Will Know You Were Here.

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When you were born, you were welcomed as a blessing. Your parents have been waiting for you will excitement. They kept watching over you as you were growing up. Now you are a big boy or a big girl. You are like a bird that has started flying with his own wings, fending for himself.

My question to you now is: did you determine your main purpose in life? How are you going to impact your world? How would you like to be remembered? I want people to remember me as a good man, someone who lived for others. I want them to miss me. I don’t want then to feel burdened by my presence. I live to make light the burden of others now and after me.

If this is your feeling as well, here are some guidelines you could follow if you wish to. There are many paths to follow, you need to choose yours and the choice is as easy as right and left.

Give value to people

Every person on this earth is unique. He/she brings a unique contribution to the betterment of our world. Help them rise higher instead of crushing them, tearing them apart. There is a gold mine hidden inside every person and the difference between us humans is how much we can dig deeper to get that gold and use it efficiently. Help people achieve their life purpose and the Universe will channel abundance to humanity through you.

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You are a victor, never a victim

Do not complain anymore that you are who you are because someone hates you or did not want to help you. If that person doesn’t want to help, there are millions of people in this world to choose from. Get out and build your mastermind, the people who can understand you better.

Your ideas are your babies

Pay attention to your thoughts, listen to them. If you are travelling, keep a pen and a paper with you. If they come, find out the ones that seem more interesting and write them down. Revisit them later and see what you can build with them.

Act on your ideas and get some input from friends. If your ideas are stolen, let people get credit for them. Create more. You may also want to register an idea that you think is very important so that it becomes your trade mark.

Give freely

When you decide to help somebody, help without expecting something in return. The more people you help, the more blessings you get. You will also feel happy within you. Every time I travel, I choose one poor person closer to my hotel, to help.

This is how it works. The person must be poor, reachable physically so that I may not need to know her/his name or phone number. They will not know my name either. They would receive a certain amount of money every time I pass around until the end of my stay.

Do what you love to do

You have heard about this one repeatedly. You are more likely to become successful if you follow a career of your dreams. You also need to know if this career will help you met your basic needs (food, clothing, shelter). Once you have identified your dream job, do it as if it was your last day on earth. That way, when you die, your will leave your marks. People will know you were here.

Do something new every day

Comfort zone is a sea infested with killer whales. You may think that you are safe but there is no safety in our comfort zone. Watch carefully. Why do you think that approximately 80% of the world’s economy lies in the hands of 20% of the population?  Instinctively, we tend to shy away from challenges and look for easy living.

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Accept challenges, take responsibility. Do not be afraid to fail because failure is an asset for your next action. Do not do things because you want to please someone or you are afraid of that person. Challenge your brain, view mistakes as learning opportunity. That’s how we learn and move ahead. Every single step moves you closer to the summit of Himalaya.

Smile more

When you decide to think positive, chase all the negativity, think about what makes you happy, you tend to smile more. A smile, a laughter is a medicine and an instant vacation. It brightens your day, makes you live longer and do the same for the people around you.

Listen more, talk less

Our ego pushes us to defend ourselves, our territory, every time we see, hear something that doesn’t please us. We tend to emotionally push back what other people say. We want to feel better, greater and superior. When a boss, a friend talks, we are recording only the weak points and when we have those weak points, we interrupt, we jump in, counter attack. The conversation quickly turns into an argument. It becomes a waste of time for all the people involved.

The best solution would be to let the other person talk and reply only if he/she has finished. Find out if they are finished talking by asking a question. If you have written down a few points, go through them carefully. Before speaking, seek understanding. “If I heard you correctly, you said that…. Then let the other party confirm. As you give your reply, think, choose your tone of voice.

Do not talk to score points. Give your opinion and if the other person doesn’t accept it, that’s o.k. Agree to disagree. Your boss may not agree to disagree. He/she may think he/she is right and you are wrong. In this case, it is your call. Ask yourself: “is this the place I need to be?” In the end, you must make a choice. You are the master of your destiny.

Do not talk on the back of anyone

It is unfriendly, unprofessional. It doesn’t build relationships. You may say or think that the person will never know. Just put it this way: would you like other people to do this to you? If your answer is no, then don’t do it to others. Always strive to be part of the great minds. The Late Eleanor Roosevelt said:” Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” Which one of these do you want to be?

Do not pay attention to negative people

This is a quote from the famous book of Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”: Without doubt, the most common weakness of all human beings is the habit of leaving their minds open to the negative influence of other people.

Please pay close attention to what comes after I am, you are and he is. If someone says that you are useless. Do not get upset and trade insults. Do not accept and repeat that rubbish. Just say to your mind: “erase, erase” and think of what you can do to prove to yourself that you are not what that person thinks you are. Never put yourself down, never underestimate your capabilities.

Say “please”, “thank you” and sorry

Even if you are the boss, people will love you if you don’t act bossy. If you respect and give value to each employee. That attitude will motivate them to produce more. If someone has completed a task, thank them.

Stay alert, see, feel what you do, how you do it and in which circumstances.

Did you do it wrong? Be honest with yourself, chase your ego and answer the question. We learn from our mistakes and if you are not making mistakes, you are not doing anything new. So, apologize for your mistakes quickly, before anyone else can notice them. People will love to forgive you.

Your family comes first

Have you noticed how much a professional career can negatively impact a family life? The child is sick and you are thinking about this important meeting in Tokyo that is going to bring millions to your company.

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Your wife and children don’t see you when they need you because you come home when they are sleeping and they leave when you are sleeping. You need a work and life balance. You need to schedule time for the family to express your love for them and care for them.


A weekly and daily schedule will help you do what is more important first. Many of us lack a schedule and for that reason, we spend more time on details, leaving the most important tasks behind. This keeps us in a vicious cycle of misery. Time is money and you can’t afford to waste it anymore.

Celebrate your achievements

Every task you accomplish is a success to celebrate. Success is not in the future. Success happens to you every day. Congratulate yourself, pay yourself with a cup of coffee or tea or anything you like. Do not wait for the end of the journey because the end you are thinking about is a beginning of a new journey.

Remember your friends who left this world

Your friends who passed away had dreams they were unable to accomplish. Make them your own, add them to your own dreams and make them a reality. Wherever they went, wherever they are now, they will be proud of you. They will be happy that you have lightened they burdens. And when it is your time to leave, have no regrets.

Isidore N. Godfellow

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